Pet Memorial

Do you wish there was a way your pet could continue to thrive on earth?  Or that you could continue your relationship with your pet?


The Bios Urn is a biodegradable urn that allows your pet’s ashes to be “reborn” in the form of a tree.   This tree will always be there, for you to sit with, enjoy the shade, and to help your pet live on for many, many years.   What A wonderful way to allow your pet's memory to live on. 


Join thousands of pet lovers and order the "Bios Urn Biodegradable Pet Urn" and plant a tree using your pet's ashes.

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BIOS Biodegradable Pet Urn
The Bios Urn is a biodegradable urn, designed to turn the ashes of your pet into a tree. Thanks ..
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